Peter Hughes Story

Peter Hughes is the man whose swollen and blistered face we saw on television during the shocking first hours of the news coverage from the Bali bombing in October 2002.

He literally took our breath away when we heard him quietly tell rescuers to help those worse off than him, despite being very badly injured himself. ”Mate I’m Ok, I’m doing OK – there’s lots of people worse off than me”.

Having been on the receiving end of a burn injury, I fully appreciate the important work carried out by the Peter Hughes Burn Foundation. It gives me great pleasure to be the Principal of an organisation that is dedicated to the ongoing care and support of burn survivors, has a strong emphasis on burn prevention and public awareness, and is willing to build partnerships with other organisations, medical professionals and interest groups.

“It is only through working together that we will reduce the incidence of burn trauma and improve the lives of those who have suffered a burn injury”.

“With support comes independence, without it the trauma lasts a lifetime! I urge governments, policy makers and the general community to gain a better understanding of the issues and get behind organisations such as the Peter Hughes Burn Foundation, by funding some of the programmes it has set up to help survivors and their families.”


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