Types of Burns


External heat source capable of raising temperature of skin & deeper tissues to a level that causes cell death and protein coagulation. Extent of damage depends on the amount of energy transferred from the source.

Causes: Flames, Hot Liquids, Hot Objects or Gases.


Prolonged or acute exposure to the sun’s ultra-violet radiation or sources or x-ray or other radiation.

Causes: Ultraviolet Radiation (sunburn), X-ray and Sun beds.


Enduced by various chemical reactions to the skin, resulting in liquifactive or coagulative necrosis.

Causes: Acids, Alkalis, Phenols, Cresols, Mustard Gas or Phosphorus.


The burn results from the heat generated by an electrical current. The severity is dependent on the strength of the current and the duration of contact. The damage occurs between the entrance and exit wounds and follows the path or tissue of least resistance.

Causes: Accidental electrical contact.


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